The first major policy was understanding the importance of real estate investments and the responsibility behind the real estate trading business. The second major policy realized the importance of human aspect in real estate trading, which is often neglected. “When combined, these two policies created the foundation of all the principles that make our company truly valuable as our reputation proves,” states CEO of the company.


Three decades ago, it started as a family business and trading real estates locally. Over the years, our business has been expanding regionally and onto other fields in real estate industry. Nowadays, we have trusted a partner to many regular clients, and there are thousands of successfully concluded contracts behind us. Our team provides all kinds of assistances in researching Singapore’s real estate market, evaluating chosen real estates, negotiating and closing all the contracts. We are settled in Song Kong, Singapore with several branches scattered across the country and worldwide.



  • man1

    Lucas Donovan is a professional, educated realtor with almost twenty years of experience in real estates industry. He is specialized in residential real estate transactions, but capable of covering all other aspects of this field.

    Lucas Donovan
    Realtor, Bac South Florida
  • woman1

    Kristina Frady provides all sorts of marketing, advertising and media campaigns in our company. Your real estate will be advertised in the most effective places and manners to reach as many as possible potential buyers.

    Kristina Frady
    Marketing Expert, Bac South Florida
  • lawyer

    Laura Garth is a leading lawyer in our company, specialized in legal, legislative and administrative procedures included into real estate transactions. She takes care of all the contracts our clients close and the complete legal aspect of it.

    Laura Garth
    Lawyer, Bac South Florida